19.09.11 Aquatics complete images. Pic taken Steve Bates @ ODA

Sport Travel Holiday Ideas

Watching a live sports event is awesome, but organising your next holiday around a specific sports event is even better. Here’s why:

Benefit #1: Travelling has many benefits

Travelling is great; it can give you a new perspective on things, especially for overseas trips. It’s about leaving your comfort zone and visiting a different place that’s far away from your home. Travelling provides a sense of adventure and introduces you to different cultures, cuisines and other forms of entertainment.

Who knows? You might even learn another language, which might help you in other aspects of your life. For instance, business isn’t exclusively done in English. If you pick up some Chinese or German during your sports holiday, you might actually get more business trips and meet valuable contacts in the process.

That fan you had a chat with during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix might actually be a businessman who could lead you to other opportunities.

Benefit #2: You get a needed vacation

Taking a trip also lets you escape from the many pressures of life. If you’re getting way stressed out with your work, a sports holiday could give you that R&R you’ve been aching for. Whatever happens on your trip—whether your team wins or not—you know it’s going to be unforgettable.

Benefit #3: Watch your favourite event live

You may have a huge 60-inch HDTV for watching your favourite matches, but even the most sophisticated technology can’t replace the experience of being at a live sporting event. It may be more comfortable to stay at home, but nothing beats the energy and palpable excitement of being in the stadium and seeing your heroes and heroines in person.

You might even get a chance to meet them.

Watching a live sporting event also lets you cheer for your favourite athlete or team with other equally intense fans, and see other details that are happening—things that can be missed by the camera because it’s focused on the main action. Besides, going to a live sporting event is a great excuse to put on outrageous costumes that you normally wouldn’t wear.

Benefit #4: Packages make organising easy

Can you imagine what it’s like to organise your own sports holiday from scratch? Think about it: first, you have to get your own tickets to the event. Next, you have to arrange your transportation, which would likely involve a ride to and from your hotel, in addition to plane tickets. Then you have to consider where and what you’ll eat.

We’re not even talking about your companions yet.

But with a sports travel package, all you have to worry about is what you’ll bring with you. And perhaps how much cash you’ll need for all the sports gear you’ll buy.

Benefit #5: Travel deals come with perks

If you look at what a sports package includes, you’ll notice that it also comes with a few perks including—but not limited to—festival tickets, access to special areas, use of FanVision controllers, or even a cruise to the venue. So in effect, not only are you making your sports holiday easier; you’re also getting more value for your money.


About the Author:

This guest post was brought to you by Michael. Michael loves to travel and has written many articles about his travels. He is also a content writer for sporttravel.com.au.

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