Vacation Essentials

5 Things You NEED to Have in Your Bags, No Matter Where You’re Going

Vacations: we look forward to them for months, saving money and daydreaming about our fun to come. When the day arrives, it’s easy to get excited, and it sometimes seems inevitable that you’ll forget things. Everyone has left behind their toothbrush, extra socks, or a hairbrush at some point, but here are five vacation essentials you’ll want to make sure are always in your bag:

A first aid kit – Bumps, lumps, and scrapes are part of life, even on vacation. Protect yourself from headaches and clean up wounds quickly by bringing your own first aid supplies like bandages, pain medicines, and antibacterial gels. This is especially recommended if you’re going abroad so you won’t have to try to decipher foreign medications.

Extra prescription medicines – As a precaution, take extra doses of your prescriptions with you, and carry them in separate bags if possible. If some get lost or destroyed, you’ll have enough to get you through the rest of the vacation. Some pharmacies may not want to give you medicines in advance, so you may have to let your doctor know you’re going on vacation and ask for a special prescription.

A copy of your driver’s license or passport – If you should happen to lose your identification, having a copy can help you speed up the replacement process. Leave a copy with a family member or friend as well so they can help if necessary.

A valid medical insurance card – If you’re leaving the country, check to make sure your insurance company covers injuries abroad. An injury or illness is bad enough without having to come home and find a fat medical bill waiting for you.

Hand sanitizer – Traveling means exposure to more germs than most people are accustomed to, and the last thing you want is to get sick on vacation. A little bottle of sanitizer can make a big difference in your experience. Take a second to clean your hands every now and then, especially after being on a plane and before eating.

Hopefully you won’t need the first four of these vacation essentials, but no vacation is guaranteed to be speed-bump free. Keep these five essentials by your side, and you can help protect yourself against some of the more common headaches and put yourself on the path to a stress-free vacation

Karolina Shenton works with The Cruise Web. Whether you are looking to book a cruise out of New York or a more exotic location, the experienced consultants at The Cruise Web can help you find the perfect vacation.

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