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Traveling to the Limits: Places to Go where You can See it All

Growing up you may have had dreams of traveling to a far off land. As an adult, why not make those dreams a reality? Traveling to a faraway place can give you that feeling back, the feeling where the world’s chaos didn’t matter and you are free to dream. Here are some inspiring places to visit and help you renew that feeling of wonder.

Big Sur, California, United States

The California coastline is known for its breathtakingly scenic views. If you want stunning landscapes and open space, spend time around the Big Sur region. Between the jagged coast and rippling waves, you will have the opportunity to overlook a true marvel of nature. Those who like to go for a drive to clear their mind will really love this place – you can zip around winding Rt. 1 while taking in the view.

Green Lake, Austria

At the base of the Hochschwab Mountains in Tragoess, Austria, sits a lake so unique and beautiful you cannot help but be inspired. During the winter, you can find a park in this spot. It is decorated with all the trappings of a well-maintained rural getaway – trees, benches, and walking paths.

Once the heat of summer melts away the snow and ice from the mountains, that all changes. Crystal clear water from the mountains trickles down and creates a lake about 10 meters deep. Strap on some diving gear for the amazing experience of seeing a functional park submerged in beautifully transparent water.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world for good reason – one look at it strikes most with awe and wonder. Its size is amazing. Measuring in at 277 miles long, 4 to 18 miles wide, and over a mile deep, it is difficult not to marvel in its vastness.

What makes it more unique is its magnificent color palette. While other canyons throughout the world may stretch longer or go steeper, few present the same combination of shades that light up against the sun. It also offers visitors plenty of lookout points, so you are sure to find a spot with a view that captures your imagination.

Black Sand Beach, Vík, Iceland

Located in the southernmost village in Iceland, the black sand beach at Vík is a surreal combination of starkly-colored sand and rippling waves. You can almost sense the presence of sailors of the past as you stand on the black basalt sand near the stormy sea. The surrounding rock formations are captivating, too; they have that unearthly quality that characterizes much of Iceland’s famous landscape. Last but not least, bird lovers are in for a treat – puffin colonies live around this part of the country.

Milford Track, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Tucked away in one of the most effortlessly beautiful countries in the world, Milford Track offers a one-of-a-kind trek through nature to anyone who wants to get away from the grind. Hikers can expect to see staggering mountains, countless winding rivers, and waterfalls. Hiking activity is moderated pretty strictly during the summer months, which is between October and April in New Zealand, so if you want to check out this scenic spot, you need to make reservations several months in advance. Many hikers would agree it is well worth the wait.

You don’t have abandon feelings of wonder once you hit adulthood. Get away from your stifling routine and explore pockets of the world that can fill you with child-like inspiration all over again.

Author Bio:

Guest post contributed by Carla Gregson, freelance travel writer. She enjoys writing articles about her travel experiences and sharing them on various online travel publications.

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