Seattle: Microbreweries Put to the Test

Last month I was at an industry conference in Seattle. It was my first trip to the Emerald city, and I was not disappointed. The one drawback I have ever heard about Seattle the often crummy weather, but three of the four days we were there, there wasn’t as much as a cloud in sky, and the cool sea breeze made for a perfect climate. Being a big fan of beer, I went into the trip excited to try out all of the microbrews that the city had to offer. Some, I really liked. Others, not so much. Below is my list of the best and worst Seattle beers (based on exhaustive research…).

The Best: Pike Kilt Lifter from The Pike Brewing Company

Those who are not into the more bitter taste of ales will not be a fan of this one. I for one could not get enough! This is a high gravity beer (6.5% alcohol by volume) is a hefty brew with a beautiful ruby color and a bitter, crisp finish. Enjoy one or two of pints at the Pike Brewery near the heart of the city on on 1st and Pike.

Runner-up: Hefeweizen from Pyramid Breweries

I am not typically a fan of wheat beers, or any beers that are served with fruit for that matter, but this unfiltered wheat from Pyramid breweries just about changed my mind. Like most Bavarian style wheat’s, The Hefeweizen is a lighter brew, and goes great with a steaming bowl of chowder.

The Worst:The Pike Stout

In my humble opinion, a beer should not taste like a Starbucks energy shot, and to me, this one did. Please take my opinion with a grain of salt, as I am very particular about my beer, but this one I could have done without. It is a high gravity Stout (7% ABV) and will fill you up by the time you’re half way through. Unless the heavy, rich, malty style lager is your thing, I would steer clear of this one.

Runner-up: Bosun’s Black Porter from Maritime Brewery

Even though the name is derived in quite a creative manner, this brew was far too smoky, malty, and heavy for my taste. With that kind of make-up I would at least expect it to pack a punch, but the ABV is only 5.2% , which simply isn’t high enough to make up for the downright strange flavor. Agree? Disagree? Please comment below!

Written by the Marketing team at McCormick & Murphy, Denver Car Accident Attorneys.

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