mallorca by night

Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are one of the most desirable archipelagos in Europe; the most notable islands in the chain are Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza. The capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca, is a beautiful Mediterranean destination with ideal weather, picturesque sights and a vibrant nightlife, no to mention some outstanding luxury hotels and 5 star restaurants the specialise in fresh seafood and local cuisine. The city can  be found in the south west of Mallorca, in the popular Bay of Palma, which is home to some of the island’s most famed beaches, including Playa de Palma. Palma has been a popular destination since the 50’s and is now the bustling cultural and commercial hub of Mallorca.

The city has a strong Mediterranean vibe; from streets packed with activity and entertainment to alluring cafes promoting lazy afternoons. The Old Town showcases the most authentic elements of Palma; the labyrinth of alleyways present a myriad of sights, squares where you can grab a refreshing beer and tapas bars emanating mouth-watering smells. If there’s just one sight that you see on a travel tour of this island, it should be La Seu Cathedral; it is literally unmissable as it stands proud, rising above the city. Located right on the waterfront it is a magnificent building to behold. The backstreets behind Born, heading towards Placa Cort, are solely for pedestrians and are well worth walking around during the day. It’s also a great place to grab a beer from one of the many bars with outdoor seating and partake in the great Mediterranean past time of people watching.

Palma has come in to prominence in recent times through its notorious nightlife. With its new found reputation it was put on the map as a top stag weekend city and its streets, riddled with bars and clubs, have quickly elevated it to one of the most favoured Spanish destinations. A wild stag do in Ibiza has long been the most popular choice for people seeking sun, sea and parties; however, Mallorca offers a great deal more, because on top of being a great destination for clubbing it’s also home to plenty of contemporary shops, bars and cafes, and a nightlife devoid of inhibitions.

Whilst maintaining its charm and quaintness through the labyrinth of quiet, narrow streets which roll through the Old Town, the seaside promenade boasts some of the most exciting establishments, presenting an exciting array of options for any weekend. It has a comprehensive selection of restaurants, bars and clubs making it an ideal evening destination.

This outpost of hedonism boasts an abundance of night time activities in an awesome setting. Surrounded by sun, sea and sand, the inhibitions of the locals and tourists alike are particularly free-spirited; everyone has a great attitude and are hell-bent on having a fun time – the epitome of an epic Spanish night out. Palma boasts an exciting nightlife scene; one of the most popular areas with the locals is Sa Llotja, its venues are often bursting at the seams with energy and people. When Sa Llotja shuts down at the end of the night, it’s common for everyone to pile across to Passeig Maritim to carry on the party until the small hours.

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