Deep Fried Mars Bar

Must Visit Restaurants in Glasgow

Glasgow might not be famous for it’s fine dining and award winning food, thanks in part to the controversy it’s courted with its deep fried Mars Bar, but that’s not to say that fabulous food doesn’t exist within its streets. In fact, some of the city’s top luxury hotels have 5 star restaurants that are worth travelling for, and there are a plentiful supply of boutique bistro’s and up-scale eateries to choose from. Hidden beneath the outer facade of traditionally pocket friendly, cheap meal cafes are some hidden treasures waiting to delight you with taste and texture.

Black Sheep Bistro

The Black Sheep Bistro is a small restaurant run by a family who pride themselves on serving what can only be described as traditional home cooked food. Bright, friendly and welcoming this restaurant feels like someone’s living room and the staff take extra special care to make you feel at home. The food is basic, making the menu of soups, haggis and beef and mash very easy to navigate and they taste fantastic! Simple, no nonsense food which comes in at around £15-30 a head for three courses, you really can’t go wrong.

Grill on the Corner

The Grill on the Corner is large, spacious and feels very much like a giant pub. It is noisy and busy with plenty of seating space so a great place if you want to feel lost and anonymous. You may have to wait a little for your food, but this restaurant is a favorite for most Glaswegians and attracts celebs like Billy Connolly. Steak, fillet burgers, fat cut chips and an environment to match, the Grill on the Corner is an excellent place to take time over your food and chill out with friends, there is plenty of space for a party of five or even ten.

Café India

If you love your spice, then you can’t go wrong with a trip to Café India where curry meets city and award-winning wine abounds. Cooked live on a real fire, you can expect  treat of the very best that Indian food has to offering the form of curries, melt in your mouth chicken and sheesh kebabs full of lively, fresh recipes and good service to match.

Alla Turca

A Turkish restaurant, that has won user review led awards for it’s fanatic service and high quality food, this restaurant is a treat for your palate. Warm, and welcoming, the waiters are decked in traditional Turkish gear and live music will take you straight out of Glasgow into the Far East. Portions are incredibly generous, and come to your table hot and straight off the cooking plate with fresh flatbreads clearly cooked to order. Kebabs, lamb, aubergine, spice and traditional Turkish wet foods are all on offer and the menu is written in English to help you along. A real find!

Brian Maule

A list of must-visit restaurants would not be complete without a spot of fine dining and Brian Maule is considered one of the best fine dining restaurants in Glasgow. Having won numerous awards, this light, fresh and well thought out restaurant offers a menu of scallops, beef and lamb cooked to perfection. Definitely upmarket, Brian Maule is more expensive and requires a longer time to be spent there than other restaurants, but you will not regret it. This restaurant is perfect for a special date, occasion or celebration.

Ben loves to travel and visit different restaurants all over the world. He runs where he blogs about restaurants and recipes.

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