Four Tips for a Successful Golfing Vacation

Even in the midst of difficult economic times, the popularity of golfing holidays has not waned. It seems golfers still need to get their annual fix of a luxury vacation with a group of friends, and although they may have to search a little harder for good deals, they are not prepared to forego their little extravagance altogether. Plus, with golfing holidays available all over the planet, you can go travel wherever you want and still find a green or two to enjoy.

There are many factors to take into consideration when organising a golf trip. If things go wrong, they can soon escalate into major problems, and the chances are that particular groups of golfers will not travel together again. Here are four tips to make sure your next holiday gets off on the right foot and stays there.

The right mix of people

On a normal vacation, if people don’t get along they can wander off to different attractions and take part in other activities. On a golf trip this isn’t an option, so the organiser needs to put a little thought into who should be invited. If there are one or two individuals who are likely to be difficult for everyone else to get along with, it might be a good idea to omit them from the passenger list. The last thing you need is everyone going home early because of a succession of petty arguments.

Keep a close eye on the calendar

Many inexperienced organisers make the mistake of booking a trip in a very hot country right in the heart of the summer. Playing golf in a warm climate is one of life’s great pleasures, but when the temperature is more than a hundred degrees it can become too stiflingly hot to play. Those months either side of the warmest ones will be preferable. If you must travel when the sun’s at its hottest, be sure to choose tee-off times that avoid the very middle of the day.

Play a few different courses

Many destinations, such as the Algarve in Portugal and the Costa Blanca in Spain, offer a variety of courses to visiting players, but there are some locations which may only have one course nearby. To get the best from the whole experience, it’s a good idea to play at more than one venue. Therefore, do a little homework before booking, just to make sure there is some variety available.

Food, glorious food

By the time they’ve played eighteen holes of golf, players will be eagerly anticipating a few cold drinks and a good meal. Therefore, once you’ve chosen a destination it would be useful to investigate the local restaurant scene. The best options are eateries which offer a range of local and international cuisine and, given the energy that golfers have already used up, sizable portions!

David Showell is from the UK and is a keen golfer. He works for

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