American Bullet RV

RV Vacations: A Beginner’s Guide to the USA

RV vacations are an increasingly popular choice of holiday for many Americans. Using a trailer rather than a hotel is fun for all of the family and offers some surprising benefits. Travelling to your destination with your very own home in tow is a great way to save money and bring home comforts along with you. Avoiding public transport also means that you can bring your own sports gear and you can quickly move elsewhere if you don’t like your neighbours. You get to use your own sheets, eat your own food and there are no restrictions on luggage allowances or the amount of stops that you make. The road is your oyster.

American Bullet RV

Where to Go

North America is a vast continent with an almost impenetrable number of tourist attractions. It’s also conveniently home to a great many RV parks that come in all shapes and sizes. Among the best are Mill Creek Ranch in Canton in Texas, Yosemite National Park RV Parks in California and River’s Edge RV Park in Fairbank Alaska. The entertainment on offer at these RV hot spots ranges from visiting enormous Texan flea markets, to panning for gold in Yosemite. Or you can watch the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights and visit the reindeer at River’s Edge.

What to Bring

What you decide to bring with you largely depends on what you plan to do during your trip. If you’re heading to the Floridian beachside then you’ll need considerably less than a trip to a northern National Park. A trailer dolly will keep your trailer as mobile as possible. Spare tent parts are essential if you are going to set up camp outside of your trailer for a substantial amount of time. Cleaning and cooking products will also come in handy if you’re going to be making your own food and vacationing on an extended trip.

Cooking equipment

Make sure that you get the best meals possible by packing the right cooking equipment, as well as bringing non-perishable food items. Sharp knives, a chopping board, seasoning, plates, pans and cutlery are all essentials for self-catering. Napkins, washing-up liquid and cleaning sponges will also go a long way when you’re out in the wilderness. Some camping stores supply gas camping stoves, which are an excellent way to cook breakfast. A small and cheap BBQ should also last you for the duration of your trip and gives you the opportunity to make smores.

Food Items

Food items that will last include pasta, rice, canned food, biscuits, chips and bread. Most candy, crackers, eggs, fresh fruit and cheeses also keep well outside of the fridge. But these should be kept at relatively cool temperatures and consumed as early as possible. MRE army-style rations may seem like a slightly extreme option, but some are very tasty and they last for years. You can make your meat and vegetables last longer by freezing it before you depart and storing it in a cooler packed with ice. Once you have exposed your meat to normal temperatures, you should cook it and either eat or refrigerate as soon as possible it to avoid bacterial contamination.


As affordable vacations become increasingly hard to come by, more people are turning to RV trips for their precious holiday time. There’s nothing quite like an American road trip for a great family and friends bonding experience. You’ll definitely be surprised at the amount on offer from the USA’s huge pick of RV parks once you have a look online. With your own bed, home cooking and whole of America on offer, it’s tough to go wrong. Just remember to pack the right equipment, plan ahead and settle for nothing less than the best. RV vacations really are the way to go.

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