Everyone loves to get away, whether it’s for a long holiday or a short break, and whenever we go away we’re always thinking about whether or not the places we’re staying are good enough to recommend.

We check out hotels and villas, bed and breakfasts and hostels, and campsites as well.  We look at the facilities they offer, and whether they live up to the expectation we had before we arrived.

We base our accommodation reviews on the rating that they give themselves, so if they tell us that they are a luxury hotel, then that’s what we expect to find, but if we’re told that their bed and breakfast is modest, then our expectations reflect that in our reviews.  In otherwords, we don’t mark a hostel down for not having en suite bathrooms in every bedroom if it never said it had them in the first place!

Use the drop down menu to check out some of our best rated accommodation, or check the search box at the top to see if the place you’re travelling to is already listed.  We’re expanding all the time, so keep checking back to see where else we’ve been lately!

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