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Thermae Bath Spa, Bath, England

The Thermae Bath Spa in historic Bath, Somerset, is a luxury spa built around the natural spring water that the city is so famous for.  This unique venue is a must-visit location for any traveller to Bath, and is the perfect way to relax and indulge in some serious relaxation time in one of South West England’s most beautiful cities.

From the moment the candidtraveller team arrived the experience began well.  It was a bank holiday, and people were clearly making the most of their time off.  The queue was almost out of the door with people waiting to gain access to these authentic and legendary springs.  But even though the wait was reasonably lengthy, no one was complaining…the ambience even in the lobby was one of relaxation, and it seemed people were already falling under the charm of the place.

One of the friendly, smiling members of staff walked along the queue offering sweets to pass the time, which was a very pleasant touch, and when we reached the counter another staff member greeted us warmly and talked us through the facilities.

The concept is simple.  On the ground floor is a Minerva pool, a large freeform pool with a lazy river and the occasional neck massage jet.  Dotted around were a few loungers so those who wanted a break from the water could relax by the side.  A couple of floors up were the treatment rooms for visitors who wanted to indulge in some pampering as well as experience the therapeutic waters, and the floor above that again housed a uniquely designed wet room containing a waterfall shower area and four aromatherapy steam rooms.  The top floor was the wonderful external pool with gorgeous views over the rooftops of Bath and to the countryside beyond.

What makes this spa stand out from many of the others I’ve visited was its simplicity.  Your entry to everything, including your lockers, is through the wristband you’re allocated on arrival.  Touching it against your locker causes it to open, it allows you in and out of the turnstiles, and you can even pay for a delightful lunch by recording it on the band and finalising your bill as you leave.  Even the decor is delightfully simplistic.  Relaxing stone colours create a feeling that you could actually be inside a traditional Roman bathhouse, although the modern twists certainly keep you in updated luxury.

And it’s the thoughtful touches that really set the Thermae Bath Spa apart.  The robes provided are simple and elegant, every floor has a free drinking water fountain or two to ensure you stay hydrated in the hotter rooms, and the aromatherapy steam rooms range in degrees of heat and steaminess…perfect for newbies to the spa scene, or for those who just don’t like hot!

All in all, the visit we enjoyed here was a fabulous experience and one that we would heartily recommend.  I can’t remember the last time I took a spa visit in the middle of the afternoon in a busy city, and walked back out to the streets two hours later as relaxed as I felt after my visit here.

The Thermae Bath Spa comes highly recommended by the candidtraveller team.  Click here to visit their site