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Easy Traveller Dog Bed

When I’m travelling I like to take my dog along with me for company.  That, and because he’s also part of the family as well.  So, as well as remembering to pack everything I’m going to need for myself, I also have to remember to take along everything my four-legged friend requires too.

One of the best products I’ve come across in a long time is the Easy Traveller Dog Bed from Kudos Pet Products.  It’s a fabulous, lightweight dog bed that is incredibly well designed.  The bed is effectively a long pad that rolls up into itself, and it actually tucks inside an integral cover turning it into the shape of a camping roll mat when it’s not in use.

Mine is a superb dark blue in colour, so none of the usual dirt and grime shows up too easily, and because of the material it’s made from, it’s not only lightweight and cool, but it cleans really easily as well.

Not the best picture - he kept moving! At least bed is well behaved!

I used my travel dog bed in the back of the estate car to keep him comfortable when he was travelling, and when we were camping he slept on it inside the tent as well.  It gave him some insulation from the ground, and also kept him off our blow up camp bed as well!  (That was a bonus!)

I can honestly say that this dog bed is a brilliant, and simple, invention, and from now on, where the dog goes, it goes too!

You can grab an Easy Traveller Dog Bed from Kudos Pet Products by clicking here.