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Coleman Standard Quad Chair

Although I may be right into the Great Outdoors, that doesn’t always mean that I’m prepared to leave all my creature comforts behind!  Any camping trip that runs longer than a night or two needs to be well prepared for, and so when I headed off on a recent trip to Fort William with the family for an extended break, I reckoned that comfort was in, and mere survival was unnecessary.  And it was with that thought in my head that I packed a variety of additional equipment that I wouldn’t normally strap to my back…like these fabulous Colemans Standard Quad Chairs.

While these easy to use and lightweight to carry chairs may not exactly fall into the concept of ‘glamping’ (glamourous camping for those of you not yet in the know…), they certainly elevated my trip to something of a more comfortable nature.  We had our megasized tent erected in a little under twelve hours (see image below…lol!) and settled down for an evening meal and a relaxing drink or two.

One of the features of this Colemans Chair that I really liked, was the drinks holder in the right arm, a very handy little pocket that meant I could sit comfortably without having to stretch too far to retrieve my beverage.  It’s also great for keeping drinks stable, rather than balancing them on the dubiously wobbly plastic camping table we had along as well.

The back rest on this folding Quad Chair seems higher than most camping chairs, and it was great to be able to sit back and relax properly.  Plus, the wider seat means that there’s no constant shuffling for comfort.

Just as an aside…when folded, these chairs come in a material carry case that sports a great shoulder strap and means carrying them is fairly easy.  I go to a lot of spectator events that don’t always have a lot of seating, so this chair has just become my new best friend!

We got our Coleman’s Chairs from Outdoorkit.co.uk, and you can click here to get one all of your very own.

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Kids Animal Seat

I can’t get my kids to sit still.  They have what I like to call, the ‘bouncy’ gene.  And trying to get them to remain even semi-motionless for more than two nano seconds tends to leave me exhausted, exasperated and downright drained.  So, most occasions, I don’t bother.  But when we’re trying to have a nice family BBQ outside the tent on a weekend away, it can become a little more important to keep them close to hand.  It saves me having to split my time between flaming coals and errant children.

Kids Frog Foldaway Camping Seat

Now, it may sound silly, but it was only after I bought them both an animal seat from Go Outdoors that I finally got some semblance of control over them.  Clearly the novelty aspect of sitting on a brightly coloured animal chair was sufficient to keep them in check.  Of course, we do still have to mediate between the occasional fight over who gets the Frog seat and who’s turn it is to sit on the Tiger, but that’s a small price to pay for a few moments of relative calm.

Aside from the fact that these chairs are really cute (you can get a Tiger and a Pig as well), they are really light and fold away perfectly, making them easy to transport and carry.  Definitely a great buy, even if only for the sanity they provide.

This Frog chair, and it’s pals, get the nod of approval from the candidtraveller Team (and two little boys…)

Disposable BBQ Stand

So, you like to have a BBQ do you?  Yep, well so do I.  I’m not exactly a stranger to a burger or two, but in all my BBQ’ing years the one thing I have always hated is trying to find somewhere suitable to light a disposable BBQ.

Yes, I took the cellophane wrapper off before I lit it....!

Y’know what I mean…

There you are, happily rugged up on a nice piece of grass in the middle of a National Park somewhere, when a park ranger pops up from behind the only tree in a ten mile radius to shake his head and tut angrily at the charcoaled mess your flaming tinfoil BBQ is burning onto his nice grass.  But it wasn’t as if you hadn’t looked for a rock or something to put it onto though, was it??

Well, never fear picnickers, because here’s a fab little item I picked up from Go Outdoors recently.

This stand seems to hold most disposable BBQ’s which is great, and because it keeps it off the ground, you don’t have to worry about singeing anything inappropriate.  It also helps it cool down faster once it’s burned out.  The only downside I could discover is that it doesn’t exactly fold away.  It’s not a huge issue, because it’s fairly light and not exactly cumbersome, but I daresay that if you really wanted to you might be able to take the screws out and rebuild it wherever you stopped for lunch.  (Although knowing my luck, I’d lose the screws!)

Disposable BBQ

candidtraveller (and park rangers everywhere) give this a serious thumbs up!

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