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We love Spas, and on these pages we’ll show you some of the best Day Spas and Spa Retreats that we’ve come across. If you’re looking for a place to unwind and become centred, or just somewhere to indulge in some pampering treatments, then these are the pages for you.

Healthworks Spa, Village Urban Resort Dudley

In the depths of the Village Urban Resort Dudley, secreted behind a contemporary dark wooden door and low lighting, is a little piece of paradise in the form of Healthworks – a wonderfully relaxing spa that serves hotel guests as well as local West Midlanders. Healthworks, which has been there since the hotel opened, offers an extensive array of relaxing and rejuventating treatments, along with some unique ESPA products designed specifically for them.

I visited this underground haven a week ago when I had the pleasure of staying in the hotel. The treatment menu is what a non-spa-goer like me might call ‘exhausting’. There were endless choices that I had spent hours scanning the evening before, wondering for the most part what half of them were. Words like ‘thalassotherapy’ and ‘phytotherapy’ are as alien to a busy person like me as simpler words are, like the term ‘relaxation’ for example, something I’ve long since forgotten the point of. So when I arrived the next morning, ready for my treatment, I still had no idea what I wanted to try.

I chose a facial, a word I at least comprehend, and met Marcia, possibly one of the most outstanding therapists I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She explained the process of the facial I was going to have, and how it would identify problem areas of my skin, before going on to do just that. She’s a little like a matron (and I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course), scolding me subtley for not wearing enough sun protection and for failing to exfolitate as often as I knew I should, but at the same time she set about giving me the best facial treatment possible. Over the next hour I was pampered, massaged, cleansed, sprayed and more until it was time to leave, and I glided out with a renewed sense of wellbeing and a face that smelled of lemon trees. All rather nice indeed, if I do say…

There’s a Healthworks spa in several of the DeVere locations around the UK, and over the next while each of them is getting a makeover of their own. They’ll soon be rebranded under the name Viva Urban Spa, and my guess is that they’ll be even more luxurious than they currently are.  If you find yourself in the West Midlands, perhaps enjoying one of the many other pleasures that Dudley has to offer, I strongly suggest that you book yourself into Healthworks for a few moments of sheer indulgence and a little bit of time to yourself.