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The Edinburgh Festival: 2013 Predictions

Visiting the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

This year’s Edinburgh Festival is approaching fast. The internationally acclaimed Fringe Festival is already in its 66th edition, and this year it will be held between the 2nd and the 26th of August at different venues throughout the Scottish capital. The Fringe is the perfect excuse to visit this magical city, which offers visitors plenty of opportunities to shop, eat out, discover its surrounding natural landscape, and visit its fascinating museums and galleries. edinburgh fringe festival 2013 visit If you are planning to attend this year’s edition of the Edinburgh Festival, you may want to consider that accommodation gets filled quickly around the festival dates. It is recommended that you stay near the heart of the action in the centre of the city, in one of the best hotels for the Edinburgh Festival, and get ready to discover the fantastic city of Edinburgh. Whether you are visiting the Fringe Festival for a couple of days or for the whole month, planning your visit and deciding on which shows you want to attend is the single best thing you can do. According to the organisers, this year there will be more than 2,400 events on offer during the festival, including cabaret performances, children’s shows, comedy, theatre plays, dance, exhibitions, concerts, opera, musicals, and many more. With so many shows to see, you can save cash with an all-inclusive holiday deal, so that you don’t need to worry about anything else other than enjoying your time in the city. edinburgh fringe festival 2013 visit what's on To help you with your booking decisions, here’s a list of the shows that have the most potential to become hits.

The List

The List is a touching theatre play directed by Muriel Romanes, who in 2011 won the Best Director title at the CATS Awards. The play describes the story of a woman trying to adapt to a new way of life in rural Quebec, and it deals with the subjects of loyalty, friendship, and isolation. The List will be performed at the Summerhall.

Gym Party

Also at the Summerhall there’s Gym Party, a show that is as funny and brilliant as the company that performs it. Made in China sold out all tickets at last year’s festival, so their new play is definitely one to watch out for!

Where the White Stops

This show has high chances of becoming a total hit at this year’s festival. Where the White Stops has already won the IdeasTap Underbelly Award, and critics have praised the perfect combination of music and storytelling, without forgetting that the play touches on subjects that are easy to identify with; like thirst for adventure and fear of stepping into the unknown. You can catch this show at the Antler theatre.

Making News

If you are in for some comedy spiced with a good dose of irony, Making News is the show to watch. The play is a critical look at the Saville Enquiry and the circumstances that surrounded it, so it ticks all the boxes from controversial to witty and well-written. This play will be performed at the Pleasance Courtyard.

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