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The World’s Greatest Pizza Can Be Found in America

The World’s Greatest Pizza Can Be Found in America

If you are a connoisseur of the pizza pie, there’s little doubt that you know the best place to grab a slice no matter which city you’re in. While virtually anyone can make a pizza, it takes a talented individual to make the perfect pie. If you’re looking to mark the next great slice off of your “must-have” list, here are five pizzerias that can’t be missed:

Giordano’s Pizzeria – Chicago

Located in the windiest city in America, Giordano’s has been a neighborhood staple for years. Just in case you don’t live near the original Giordano’s, you can visit one of their other 42 locations in Illinois and Florida. The recipes at Giordano’s are those of the restaurant’s namesake, a beautiful woman from northern Italy. Her dishes were so lauded by the region that her sons opened a pizza shop in her honor when they came to America. Today, residents of Illinois and Florida flock to the pizzeria for a sampling of the best stuffed-crust pie in the nation.

Lou Malnati’s – Chicago

Malnati’s pizzeria is another favorite of the residents of Chicago. In fact, if you browse through Yelp!, you’ll find that diners are almost perfectly divided when it comes to dining at Malnati’s or their next door neighbor, Giordano’s. The creator of this fabulous restaurant got his start in the 1940’s, cooking in one of Chicago’s best pizza shops. It was years later that Lou Malnati and his wife, Jean, opened what would become the most popular pizzeria in a Jewish neighborhood in Chicago. The tradition continues today, with diners often lining the streets for a chance to get belly-up to one of these delicious deep-dish pizzas.

Lombardi’s – New York

It started way back in 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi opened a grocery store in Little Italy after emigrating from his home country. Only three miles from Ellis Island, Lombardi’s soon began to sell tomato pies to the Italians who worked their fingers to the bone in the community. Pizzas today are made with the same coal-fired ovens that fed so many immigrants so long ago, and the restaurant is as popular as it ever was.

Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana – New Haven

Your first visit to Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana will definitely not be your last, even after you notice the misshapen pie sitting before you. Instead of being baked in a round pan, Pepe’s pizza are hand-crafted and then baked in a traditional, coal-fired pizza oven made of brick. Stop by this New Haven hangout and try a slice for yourself.

California Pizza Kitchen – Multiple Cities

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near one of these great pizzerias, you can always visit a California Pizza Kitchen. The chain restaurant is often named one of the best by customers and food critics alike. Home to some of the more original pizzas in the nation, California Pizza Kitchen is a favorite for those who want something more unique than pepperoni dotting their pie.

The next time you’re in Chicago, New York or New Haven, you’ve got to stop by one of these pizza joints. If you think you know a great slice of pizza, you’ll be blown away by the cooks at any one of these fabulous eateries. The next time you have a craving for a slice of fabulous pizza, pop by one of these pizzerias; you won’t be disappointed.

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