Visiting London

The UK’s capital city is one of the most frequently visited destinations in the world. It’s a sprawling metropolis filled with luxury hotels, outstanding attractions, five star restaurants, and too much history, architecture and culture to pack into one holiday or weekend break. It’s one of those top destinations you have to spend some time in – some real time, that is – exploring its back streets, discovering its quirks and falling for its charm.

London lies on the River Thames, an enormous fast-flowing and economically important body of water that was once responsible for the city’s growth, and is now an important tourist attraction. River cruises on the Thames are often the best way to see sights like the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, and luxury boat rides in the evening, complete with cocktails and champagne are certainly worthy of adding to any itinerary.

London Eye Credit : Visit Britain Images

Where To Stay

Luxury hotels in London are plentiful. Most international chains have a property in the capital but there are numerous boutique hotels and guesthouses to book as well. Very often, it’s not just about choosing the right hotel in London, but about picking the right location. Navigating the underground can be complicated if you’re not used to it, so booking a room close to the main attractions is a great idea. We’ve visited a few of the top hotels in London so see what they have to offer, and we have to say we were really impressed. If you’d like read all about our experiences, check out what we have to say on our hotels page here.

Where to Eat

Restaurants in London exist on every street in every suburb, from the simplest fish and chip shop to the most elaborate eateries serving nouvelle cuisine. French, Thai and good old fashioned British fare are all served across the capital, and in fact, no matter what you have a craving for you can find somewhere to try it here. There are lots of independent restaurants as well as lounges and restaurants in luxury hotels, and many travellers book a hotel break in London based on the quality of the food as well as the rooms. When we go to check out restaurants we’re looking for quality of service, interesting and seasonal menus and knowledgeable selections of wine to help us make up our minds. We’ve seen a few fabulous places that really fit the bill, so if you’d like some recommendations for great places to eat in London, check out our reviews here.

Activities in London

If you don’t want to waste a day deciding what to do in London, our advice is to book in advance. There are so many popular attractions and sights to visit that you could spend weeks here and barely have a minute free. The London Eye, O2 Arena and the Emirates Zip Line are a few modern destinations to head to, but most tourists can’t visit the England’s capital city without taking a look at Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and London Bridge as well. We’ve scoured the city and taken an inside look at some top visitor attractions in London, so for some great ideas why not take a look at our London attractions page by clicking here.

Transport in London 

As with many large cities, getting around London can be stressful if you don’t know where you’re going. Bikes are a great option, but not generally for tourists. Taxi’s, those iconic London black Hackney’s, can be picked up anywhere, but depending upon where you’re going the journey might take longer than it would if you had walked. It’s best to plan in advance, make use of the extensive London Underground system and walk wherever possible.

Weather in London

The weather in London is changeable. Summer months can be pleasant and dry, while winters tend to be cold and wet. Waterproof clothing and an umbrella are good to have on hand at any time of year.

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